SPHERE – Service Platform to Host and SharE Residential data

H2020 EU Funded

The SPHERE project is a € 12.8 million EU Horizon 2020 project. EcoWise has a key role in the project and is leading a number of work packages around development and validation of environmental and sustainability functionalities in the SPHERE platform. The platform aims to improve and optimise buildings’ energy design, construction, performance, and management, reducing construction costs and their environmental impact while increasing overall energy performance.

Link to project site: https://sphere-project.eu/

BIM4Ren – Building Information Modelling based tools & technologies for fast and efficient RENovation of residential buildings

H2020 EU Funded

TheBIM4Ren project is a € 7 million EU Horizon 2020 project. In the BIM4Ren project, EcoWise is integrating environmental, design and construction sector tools into a one stop access platform (OSAP). The integration of tools into the OSAP utilises a microservices-based architecture to allow an orchestrated interaction between a number of interoperable tools. The BIM4Ren project provides methodologies and BIM developments, backboned by state-of-the-art BIM technologies such as BIMserver. Once operational the OSAP will facilitate a user through a digitised, IDDS ready, BIM based workflow to deliver a high value renovation of a built asset. One tool to be integrated into the BIM4Ren platform is an environmental life cycle assessment tool under development at EcoWise.

Link to project site: https://bim4ren.eu/

SHELTER – Sustainable Historic Environments holistic reconstruction through Technological Enhancement and community based Resilience

H2020 EU Funded

SHLETER is project is a € 6 million EU Horizon 2020 project. SHELTER aims to develop a data driven and community based knowledge framework that will bring together the scientific community and heritage managers with the objective of increasing resilience, reducing vulnerability and promoting better and safer reconstruction in historic areas. EcoWise in the SHELTER project is developing agent based modelling capabilities to simulate the responses of citizens to natural hazards including earthquakes and floods, so as to inform cities about how to mitigate the impact of the disasters and make cities more resilient

Link to project site: https://shelter-project.com/

CIRC-PACK – Towards circular economy in the plastic packaging value chain

H2020 EU Funded

CIRC-PACK project is a € 9 million EU Horizon 2020 project. CIRC-PACK project aims at more sustainable, efficient, competitive, less fossil fuel dependent, integrated and interconnected plastic packaging value chain. EcoWise was the sectorial symbiosis lead and provided decision support to promote circular economy. The company also played a key role in business model development and increasing the replicability and upscaling potential of the solution as well as the dissemination of the project results.

Link to project site: https://circpack.eu/home/